Film installation for bioTallinn, Architecture Biennale

Artistic Collaboration

Spatial Negotiations is a looped film installation and the result of a Emma Ribbing’s research project Slime Mold Experience, collaboration between British artist Heather Barnett, Silas Bieri, Alexis Rodr√≠guez Cancino and dancers.

The film opened BIOTallinn, Arcitectual Biennal Sept 2017

The film is a sensory exploration of urban space inspired by a single-celled organism. Using, as a starting point, the collective behaviour and spatial awareness of the Slime mould, Physarum polycephalum, a group of dancers were invited to explore an historic architectural site. The resulting film derives from this piece of movement research, experiencing the materiality and atmosphere of space whilst operating as a nonhuman collective body.

Trailer BIOTallin