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Book publication Alla vill va Rymdraketen

Alla vill va rymdraketen ges ut 21 oktober 2023 på Danska och Svenska.

Snygga Byggen Interactive performance

Edifice/Snygga Byggen (SE) is a performative art experience in two parts, designed for the theatre as well as urban spaces* Edifice is aimed for children age 3 to 5 but never less enjoyable for all ages!

Part one is a film to be projected on screen or viewed on tablet or smartphones before children come to the interactive performance.

Part two starts off as a performance that turns to a workshop, inviting spectators to move or observe, construct and deconstruct with the aesthetics of Edifice’s sound and sculpture.

Through movement and bodies as “temporary architecture” the project aims to encourage children and adults to share perspectives on urbanization.

Dansbyggen 1:1

2020 blir barnkonventionen lag. Hur gör vi för att integrera barns röster i den långa processen från tillfällig användnin till permanent stadsbyggnad?
Dansbyggen är en performance som tog avstamp i ett dialogprojekt mellan Creative Dialogue, Stadsbyggnadskontoret, Fastighetsägare Jernhusen, Miljö, kultur och grundskoleförvaltningen
i Malmö. Under 10 workshopstillfällen med 140 barn i åldrarna 7-12 år har material till en performance tagits fram. Tillsammans med danskonstnärer har barnens önskingar om bebyggelse, stämningar och känslor tagit
gestalt i rörelse och material.


Masken My

Choreography “KURR” SALTO Festival 2018

Kurr med Bugaku is a dance and theatre performance for children age 2-5, Premier May 2017

Touring SALTO dance festival for young children Sweden and internationally during 2018

The tablet has run out! A groove is lost! In a state of total boredom the adventurous Bugaku transforms her bedroom to an imaginative landscape. She meets the careful fish, the roaring lion and the fugitive bird and realizes that the groove is all in her.

The performance suggests how movement, music and rhythm are tools for language development. By physically following the traces of drawings, children and adults are encourages to make their own dance movements and channel their creativity.

Funded by Konstnärsnämnden, Region Skåne & Malmö Stad

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Choreography Commission Creative Powers of Europe

Blobbsagan is a performance and workshop encouraging associative thinking, problem-solving and empathy between people. It’s a comic performance and yet a educative design experience in a highly esthetical setting. Two people disagree. In a playful dance the two find a consensus and a way to fit together in their differences.

In the workshop participants get to make electronic soundscapes with handmade synthesizers. The interference between sounds & movements is a tactile, yet pedagogic way for children & adults to learn about composition.

The performance was created for Region Skånes conference Creative powers for Europe 2016 as well as the official Kickoff for a new political organization of the city of Malmö April 2017. The workshop was developed for Barnkulturenheten Malmö stad.


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